At AWS Market, we make sure that you only receive poultry products that are of the freshest and highest quality. Your poultry products will go through quality inspections and proper storage before delivering them to you.

Our poultry selection includes fresh chicken, kampong chicken and black chicken. 

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  • Boneless Chicken Thigh (鸡腿无骨)
    Approximately 300g per thigh. Chicken thighs usually have plenty of flavour and works perfectly when roasted or served in a delicious sauce. This makes chicken thighs an easy and inexpensive dinner.     ..
  • Chicken Breast Fillet (鸡柳)
    Approximately 350g per breast. Chicken breast fillet is the main portion of the breast. It is a type of white meat with very little fat. There are many ways to prepare the chicken breast fillet; it can be sliced and stir fried, marinated and grilled, panfried or oven roasted with your favourite f..
  • Chicken Breast Meat (鸡胸肉)
    Approximately 300g. Chicken breast meat has a heavy flavour and is good for cooking soup. Apart from that, since the fat content is low in chicken breasts, it is also a good alternative for people who want to start eating healthily. The chicken breast is ideal over salad or paired with ..
  • Chicken Breast Mince (鸡胸肉碎)
    Fresh chicken mince, imported daily from Malaysia. Approximately 500g.  ..
  • Chicken Feet (鸡脚)
    Fresh chicken feet, imported daily from Malaysia. Approximately 20 pieces per portion. ..
  • Chicken Mid Joints (鸡翅中)
    Fresh chicken mid joints, imported daily from Malaysia.  Approximately 10 pieces or 500g per packet.  ..
  • Chicken Skin (鸡皮)
    Crispy chicken skins are said to be even better than fried pork rinds or bacon. The skins are an utterly addictive snack that's especially good with cocktails or beer. ..
  • Chicken Spare Bones (鸡腿骨)
    Approximately 400g These chicken spare bones are a better alternative to using chicken stock. Rich in nutrients like gelatin and glycine, it helps to protect and heal your gut lining. ..
  • Chicken Thighs (鸡腿)
    Fresh chicken thighs, imported daily from Malaysia. Approximately 250g. ..
  • Chicken Wings (鸡翅膀)
    Fresh chicken wings, imported daily from Malaysia. Comes in a packet of 5 pieces.  ..
  • Duck (鸭)
    Fresh duck, imported daily from Malaysia. Approximately 2.3kg for one whole duck.  ..
  • Fresh Muscovy Duck (番鸭)
    Fresh Muscovy Duck, imported from Malaysia. For Shi Quan Da Bu Tang 十全大补汤.  Approximately 3.5kg for one whole duck.  ..
  • Half Chicken (半只鸡)
    Fresh half chicken, imported daily from Malaysia.  ..
  • Kampong Breast Meat Whole (甘榜全鸡胸肉)
    More people are paying attention to their health, which makes the Kampong Chicken a better alternative compared to regular fresh chicken. This is because they are not injected with any growth hormones and have space to roam freely, making their meat more firm. Since chicken breast is normally used t..
  • Kampong Chicken (甘榜鸡)
    Kampong Chickens are different, they are usually rear in a manner where they are allowed to "run free", instead of staying all day in the cages like the normal chicken. The "run free" manner of growing the chicken allows them to train and strengthen their legs and bodies, which make the chicken meat..
  • Kampong Chicken Thigh (甘榜鸡腿)
    The Kampong thigh meat,  Since kampong chicken run freely , their meat is more tender and firm. So the kampong thigh has to be the most delicious meat the kampong chicken parts have! ..

Note that prices for fresh products will only be available on the day of delivery. Prices and availability of produce are subject to change without notice.

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