About Us

To most locals, the term ‘wet market’ is synonymous with the idea of the freshest produce. But we know that it takes time and effort to visit the wet markets for fresh produce and solving that challenge was the idea behind AWS Market's conception. We deliver groceries with the highest quality from your local wet market to your table; that way, you can continue to live your lives to the fullest and save time for what really matters.


Humble Beginnings

It all started from a small butchery in a wet market along Serangoon North in the 1990s. Every day, founder, Aw Buck Nguang, provided local heartlanders with the freshest meats at great value. People trusted his recommendations on the cuts of meats to use for cooking and it did not take long before he built a huge regular customers base.

Come 2014, Aw saw an opportunity to bring more people convenience and access to fresh produce, by taking his business online. By using his direct relationships with fellow store owners in wet markets, AWS Market houses produce with variety and freshness that is unrivalled. After all, isn’t it best to buy from the people who know what they are selling?


Our Values


Access to the freshest produce in Singapore is no longer limited to visits at the local wet markets. AWS Market eliminates the time and effort it takes to shop at wet markets and brings their fresh produce right to your kitchen.


What is the right cut of meat for grilling? How many carrots do you add into your stew? AWS Market’s team of experienced consultants will provide shoppers with the right kind of knowledge and warmth, just like your market’s uncle and aunty.


Pick, pay and play! The simple to use website allows you to order the freshest groceries in only a few steps, leaving you with more energy and time to play!