• Aw's Market Mala Xiao Long Bao 麻辣小笼包

Aw's Market Mala Xiao Long Bao 麻辣小笼包

  • Price : $14.98

approx 500g | Origin: Singapore 

The filling is made of meat paste, and only a little ginger, chili, sichuan peppercorn, gelatin, salt, soy sauce, sugar and water, all mixed and chilled. The skins of the steam buns are made of unleavened refined flour. Each steamed bun is small and exquisite, shaped like a pagoda, they are translucent, crystal clear with a slightly yellowish tinge, each bite providing a burst of soup, resulting in a delicious taste. When eaten with ginger and vinegar, the taste is even better. 

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Cooking Suggestions

Xiao Long Bao can be boiled with soup, steamed, pan fried or deep fried. Best accompanied with vinegar and ginger. 

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