• Aw's Market Mushroom & Pork Dumpling 香菇猪肉水饺

Aw's Market Mushroom & Pork Dumpling 香菇猪肉水饺

  • Price : $6.85

approx 500g | Origin: Singapore 

The mushroom and pork dumpling comprise a selection of fresh pork shoulder meat and high quality dry Japanese mushrooms. The fillings are enhanced by specially prepared Sesame & onion oil, providing a rich fragrance to the dumplings.  The dumpling skin is made from natural wheat flour which makes the dumplings less susceptible to break during cooking. The end result is a taste that is fresh and not greasy, with a juicy and chewy feel that causes the heart to mellow with each bite!

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Cooking Suggestions

Dumplings can be boiled with soup, steamed, pan fried or deep fried. Best accompanied with vinegar and ginger. 

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