• Fresh Malaysian Pork Small Ribs 猪小排骨

Fresh Malaysian Pork Small Ribs 猪小排骨

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approx 500g. in chopped, smaller pieces for packing and cooking ease, unless otherwise stated | Origin: MALAYSIA

Our fresh pork small ribs have a good ratio of bone and meat and has a ton of flavour. Very popular for a side variety of dishes.

Imported from Malaysia, our fresh pork is butchered and packed in Singapore to ensure optimal freshness for your cooking needs. Known as our Grandparent's preferred choice of Pork,Malaysian pork is exclusive to fresh markets in Singapore.

Please refer to the packaging for the expiry date upon receiving your products.

Cooking Suggestions

Request our butchers to: keep whole to barbeque; chop small to steam (like dim sum, yum); or slice to individual pieces to make finger-licking good roast.

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