• Fresh Indonesian Pork Trotter 猪蹄 (1PC)

Fresh Indonesian Pork Trotter 猪蹄 (1PC)

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in chopped, smaller pieces for packing/cooking ease, 1 piece approx 900g to 1kg | Origin: Indonesia

Our fresh pork trotters (fore legs) are often paired with feet (hind legs) to make black-vinegar trotters. When well braised, the skin and joints absorb the flavours well and melt to become deliciously tender.

Imported from Indonesia (Bulan Island), our fresh pork is butchered and packed in Singapore to ensure optimal freshness for your cooking needs. Known to have no “porky smell”, Indonesian pork is exclusive to fresh markets in Singapore.

Please refer to the packaging for the expiry date upon receiving your products.

Cooking Suggestions

We recommend the classic Black Vinegar (Pig Trotter) Stew! Of course, it can also be used in any variety of braises.

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