• PROMO: Argentina Angus Beef Ribeye

PROMO: Argentina Angus Beef Ribeye

  • Price : $32.00

2 pieces approx 300g each | Origin: Argentina

Treat yourself to air flown, chilled fresh ribeye from Argentina. The Angus breed produces succulent, tender and richly flavoured steaks.

The steers are free range and grass fed for 100 days, followed by approx 60 days of pre slaughter grain finish.

Bred without hormones and growth promoters, the meat is of supreme quality and is kept at 2-4 degrees to maintain optimum freshness.

Our Argentina Angus Beef Ribeye is an well marbled cut that remains tender and juicy when grilled.

For the expiry date, please refer to the packaging when you receive your products.

Cooking Suggestions

Argentinian beef ribeye is perfect for searing and basting, resulting in a full-flavoured steak. Can also be cubed and seared for stir-fries or topped on steaming hot rice.

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