How many of us have heard or, much less, tried Argentinian beef? Argentina is a beautiful country that is known for its Andes mountains and its dreamy capital of Bueno Aires. The country has a rich history which has contributed much to its development. There is a rich culture there and people have access to many natural resources.

The Andes mountain ranges span a great distance, and to its east is flat, fertile grassland. This area, called the Pampas, is the agricultural heartland of Argentina. This is where the cattle that Aw’s Market import are reared. The resulting meat from these areas are known by their tenderness and have a  flavor obtained from the soils where they are fed and nourished during their growth.

These selected steers are raised in the best fields of the Argentine Pampa without hormones or growth promoters. On the ranges, they feed naturally on the excellent pastures of Argentine Pampa, grazing freely. The cows produce leaner, tastier and more nutritious meat due to its unique environment. As such, this is an excellent product for the health conscious and for people who want to know where and how the food they eat is raised. The Argentinians are extremely proud of the natural ways by which their steeds are reared.

In addition, the Argentine beef imported by Aw’s Market have a pre-slaughter grain finish of approximately sixty days. This means that the cows are fed nutritious grains like corn, oat and barley to result in meat with a healthy marbling that is adequate for juiciness. The beef is wonderfully flavoured and is a personal favourite at the office. We truly hope our customers can try the beef from Argentina.

At Aw's Market we personally bring in the best from suppliers we personally know. Click through to any of the products below to purchase. 

Argentina Angus Sirloin

Argentine Angus Sirloin

Argentina Angus Ribeye

Argentine Angus Ribeye

Argentina Angus Tenderloin

Argentine Angus Tenderloin