Covid-19 Related Enquiries  

Are your retail outlets still open during the circuit breaker?

Yes. As part of essential services, all outlets will still be opened. However, opening hours might be shortened for selected outlets. Please call / whatsapp 8363 1286 to confirm. 

Why am I unable to choose a next-day delivery?

Due to a surge in demand for delivery during the circuit breaker period, we are unable to accommodate next-day deliveries. There is however, a calendar option available for you to choose the next most convenient date for delivery.

Can I opt for contactless delivery?

Yes. Please indicate this request in the orders comments section.


What are your delivery timings?

Deliveries happen from Tuesday to Sunday (no deliveries on Monday), with two delivery time slots:

  • Noon Time (10am to 2pm)  - Not Available at the moment
  • Evening Time (2pm to 6pm)

Can I choose my preferred time slot?

Yes, there is a calendar option for you to indicate your preferred delivery slot.

If I am not home, can the package be left at my door?

For food hygiene purposes, no deliveries shall be left outside the door. Please make sure that someone is available at your selected time slot to collect your products.

Can I change my delivery slot if I am suddenly unable to be home at the allotted time slot?

We will try our best to accommodate. Please whatsapp us at 83631286 for more information.

What if I missed my delivery?

We will leave you a notification of delivery and contact you as soon as we can to reschedule another delivery time and date. Do note that you may have to pay for the delivery fee again. 

Can I track my order?

Unfortunately, we do not offer real-time tracking of products at the moment. However you can be rest assured that your products will be delivered to you at your allocated delivery time slot. If you have not received your purchases at that time, do whatsapp us at 83631286.

How much does delivery cost?

A minimum order amount of $50 applies.

Order amount

Delivery fee






Why is my personalisation request not fulfilled?

We will try our best to fulfil most requests. However, please understand that we are unable to fulfil all requests due to the high number of orders.

Please note that customisation applies to the whole product. In addition, requests for repackaging (eg. 500g of meat packed into 2 bags) will not be fulfilled. 

How long can I keep my products for?

For our beef, pork and chicken products, you may keep them chilled for up to 4 days. For our seafood products, you may keep them chilled for up to 3 days. For our deli products, the expiry date will be indicated on the packaging.

Where are your products from?

Our pork products are from Indonesia, seafood products from Malaysia, chicken products from Malaysia, and beef products from Australia, USA, New Zealand and Japan.

Are your products halal?

As Aw’s Market sells pork, we are not halal certified.


Is there a minimum order amount? 

Yes, $50.

What are the payment methods?

We only accept online payments via Mastercard, Visa or American Express. We also accept Paynow to our company’s UEN number: 201422052M.

What does my order status mean?

  • Processing: Your order has been successfully places and is being completed. 

  • Pending: The transaction has not been completed or the transaction has bounced due to poor internet connection. Please contact us through whatsapp at 8363 1286 if you would like to make payment directly through Paynow.

  • Failed: Payment has failed or was declined. Please try again or use a different payment method.

Points and Redemption

How do I earn points?

As you add items to your cart, you will receive reward points depending on the item. In order to view how many points your selected item has, simply click your cart and refer to “Reward points” under the item. 

In addition to purchasing products, you may also refer your family & friends to Aw’s Market. When your family/friend provides your phone number upon registration, you will gain 2000 points while he gets $10 off.

You will be able to redeem the points for discounts or selected items on our website.

Below is a summary of the ways you may earn points:


No. of points earned

First-time registration


Purchasing products

Depends on item



Happy collecting! :)

Do my points have an expiry?

As of now there is no expiry to your points.

What happens to my points after I have redeemed an item?

Your points will be deducted by the amount your redeemed item costs (in terms of points).


What if I am not satisfied with the quality of my product?

Please accept our sincere apologies for defects or damages on the items you have received. You may whatsapp us at 83631286 or email us enquiry@awsmarket.com.sg at and we will address your issue as soon as possible.

What if I ordered the wrong product? Can I change my order?

Do let us know at least two days in advance if you would like to change your order, simply by contacting us through email at enquiry@awsmarket.com.sg or whatsapp at 83631286. We will not be able to accommodate your request if it’s less than two days.

Can I cancel my order?

Please whatsapp us at 8363 1286 for more information.

If you don't see your question here, email us at enquiry@awsmarket.com.sg or whatsapp us at 8363 1286.