• Fresh Malaysian Pork Shoulder Flap 飞机肉

Fresh Malaysian Pork Shoulder Flap 飞机肉

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approx 500g | Origin: MALAYSIA

Our fresh pork shoulder flap is also known as 不见天 "no see sky". It is a part which is fatty and thus tender, when cooked properly.

Imported from Malaysia, our fresh pork is butchered and packed in Singapore to ensure optimal freshness for your cooking needs. Known as our Grandparent's preferred choice of Pork, Malaysian pork is exclusive to fresh markets in Singapore.

Please refer to the packaging for the expiry date upon receiving your products.

Cooking Suggestions

We love using this for juicy pops of deep fried pork, coated in sweet&sour, marmite, salted egg or butter cereal. Ooh!!

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